How to Get Published

First, ask yourself if you want to get published or want to do it yourself. If you want to do it yourself, we can help there too. We will promote any work that earns our endorsement badge. To have your best shot at gaining the ratings necessary to get our endorsement, you need to do the following:

  1. Create a project that is a short story or a book pitch.
  2. Get reviewed by the community to increase the reputation of your work.

Once you feel ready to publish or get published, you can:

That's it. There are a lot of features on this site. Explore and enjoy!

Short Story Submission

If you'd like to get a story reviewed, simply include a file that has the whole story in it. If there are any anthologies or other markets you qualify for, you will see them in the viewing options at the end of your project setup page. Sometimes a group that represents a publisher or an anthology project will require itself to be an exclusive reviewer. If you choose to make a project viewable by such a group, you should consider it to be an exclusive submission and not shop it around until you've decided to change its status.

Novel Submission

If you have a high reputation, say, above 5, you might submit an entire novel for review. However, whatever your reputation, you'll likely get more attention by writing a pitch proposal. Have your short description be your advertising hook. Your long description should be a short synopsis, or maybe a sample from the book. Upload the first three chapters of your project with your pitch. When you get encouragement from the community, you might create a separate project for your whole novel. If your pitch earns a Heft of 4 or more, you can use the "Contact Us" link to alert our staff. We'll take a good look at your book. If we can't publish it or you decide you don't want us to, we'll try to help you anyway. We have contacts with editors for major publishers, some of whom use the site.

Getting Reviewed

You can ask your friends for reviews, but that can be a tedious process. Instead, we encourage you to review the work of others so they'll want to read and review your own work. Setting up or joining a workshop will help you get regular reviews.

You can also sell and buy reviews. Yes, that's right, buy reviews. Reviewing work earns you site credits, the number of credits determined by your reputation rating. You will not know who the seller is, but you can view their reputation. To buy reviews, go to the Review menu item at the top of any page and choose "Get Review" from the menu link. For more information, go here.