Thoughts on the Relationship of Character, Setting, and Viewpoint

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Author: Lucius

Genre: Writing

Age Range: General - Teen to Adult

Word Count: 12,250

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A piece on common writing issues distributed to various Clarion West workshops.

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By Lucas Johnson on 10/30/2012 — Confidence 5 at review time

I love reading about writing, especially if I know that the person I'm reading knows how to write good stories. This writing advice struck me as interesting and fun to test out, and I highlighted about half of it. Dense with writerly tricks and strategies and plenty of illustrative examples.

UPDATED May 16, 2014: Since I first read this, I have referred so many times to the part where he talks about knowing your characters. I love that part.

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By Bob Kruger on 11/5/2010 — Confidence 5 at review time

This is a fairly informal bunch of collected short essays on writing and among its many observations, it makes the case that character and setting are inseparable. With this perspective, you do not have so much to think about what details to include or omit in your fiction as to really, really get into your characters. This piece could probably stand some reorganizing, and a few of the examples are overlong, but I'm giving it a 5 because it's profoundly useful advice that I haven't seen presented quite this way anywhere else. If you attend carefully to Damon Knight's Creating Short Fiction and what's presented here, you'll have the essential bases covered for good prose. I also recommend Dwight V. Swain's Techniques of the Selling Writer and Ken Rand's 10% Solution. Stephen King's On Writing is decent, but largely redundant with these other works and more superficial.

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