Age of Monsters

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Author: Bob Kruger

Genres: Games, Fantasy, General Fiction, Young Adult

Age Range: General - Teen to Adult

Word Count: 153,000

Draft #2

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This is my long YA novel about how a geeky kid wins the heart of a troubled girl through his roleplaying campaign. Set in Oregon in the eighties, it incorporates a lot of my childhood obsessions.

Tess Arthur is a genius from a broken home and the most interesting girl Steve O'Reilly has ever encountered. Before their final confrontation with themselves and each other they will pass a gauntlet of hazards together in both Steve's fantasy world and real life.

Thanks for taking a look.

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By Amy Sterling Casil on 8/10/2013 — Confidence 7 at review time

Bob - I really like the characters and I like the substantial and realistic feeling in both the "real world" and the game world - it's very much the 80s. That said, I'm not sure this would work as a story for today's teens. I think it's possible that today's gamer kids would love it, but in a way, the 80s details might be offputting to others who would be more interested in the adventure and romance aspects of the story. For example, there are loving details about Stephen King's Gunslinger stories in F & SF - that's like 3 layers of "they don't know" - most kids today don't know too much about Stephen King, they for sure do not know about F & SF, and the gunslinger stories are not as well-known among most people as his horror stories. The other issue is carrying the story forth through game-playing. That is so, so difficult. You've done a great job so far though, and very strong and likeable characters and realistic high schol drama and conflicts. Adults might take some work though! Some reminded me of "Mr. Hand" from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Only they didn't have the "Mr. Hand" was actually not clueless part.

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